EPHA, the industry leader in Hose Protection and Preventative Maintenance Products for the past 25 years, is now proud to offer on-site sales, service and installation of its product line through its new EPHA-MAN Franchise Program. Located in Hermiston, Oregon. 800-867-2351, 541-567-2351, 541-567-4014, 888-514-2148



EPHA Hose Protectors are durable wear shields made of an abrasion resistant material. Easily attached to almost any size or type of hose, the Hose Protector prevents up to 90% of all hose failure due to wear at points of contact.

The Hose Protector is made of a hydrocarbon resistant material which is impervious to solvents such as oils, grease, gasoline, etc.  In addition the Hose Protector has an extremely high wear factor and a wide range of operating temperatures (-40 to 430 F). This uniqueness provides durable abrasion protection for: Hydraulic Hoses, Battery Cables, Wiring Harnesses, Brake Systems, Fuel Lines, Air Lines, Radiator Hoses & Oil Lines in a variety of applications: Industrial, Trucking, Construction, Aviation Support, Public Transportation, Road Maintenance, Waste Management & more.

EPHA Hose Spacers & Looms are accessories used to simplify routing and prevent damage from unrestrained hoses.  These parts are easy to install and provide protection by separating hoses from one another, preventing abrasion and damage from points of contact.  They are constructed using an impact resistant material which gives them high strength, abrasion and chemical resistance and provides for a wide range of operating conditions.